Welcome To How to Invest Successfully in the UK

Welcome To How to Invest Successfully
  • How DO you invest with a modicom of success? Can I invest without risk and still hope to make some money?

    Is it as complicated as it seems?

    This is not a 'Get-Rich-Quick' website, nor does it promised you a formula for guaranteed returns. It does, however, answer the above three questions in full - and the full answers, we believe, are worth reading - the short answers, which all happen to be the same (namely: the answer to each question is 'Both Yes and No'), we believe are NOT worth reading.
  • How to invest successfully

    In spite of the tax on capital gains and increased tax on dividends, I ordinary stocks and shares still offer the most attractive opportunities for investors, provided that the investor is equipped with the knowledge and skill necessary for success in buying and selling on the stock market.

    As all profits and capital gains are subject to increased taxes, the incidence of the new taxation on stocks and shares is no heavier than that elsewhere, so that no better or more lucrative alternative presents itself for the employment of the surplus capital of the knowledgeable investor.

    Further, it remains true that for anyone who wishes to provide for future contingencies, such as retirement, incapacity or improving his financial position, entering the share market will sooner or later prove inevitable, since capital appreciation of wisely chosen shares offers the best provision against the inroads of inflation.

    One important caveat should be entered at this point. There is no question here of 'gambling on the Stock Exchange. What follows in this website is not concerned with gambling, but offers the necessary knowledge to enable you to secure the larger returns on your capital necessary to provide against the ever-decreasing value of money, a safeguard which does not accrue from the 'fixed-interest' savings or securities, with their non-appreciating capital.

    Success in investment, of course, requires effort, as does success in any field of endeavour, namely, the expense of energy needed to acquire knowledge and understanding. No one ex-peas to succeed merely by expressing the wish to do so and then relying on the initiative and responsibility of others to make his fortune. The advice in this website , however, carefully followed, should reduce the requisite effort to a minimum.

    The employment of stockbrokers, of course, is necessary for dealings on the stock market, since they alone have the authority of the Stock Exchange, by virtue of their membership of it, to buy and sell stocks and shares for you. Nevertheless, the decisions about buying and selling on the stock exchange should be yours and not the brokers'. -

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