Leaders In The Stock Markets

Leaders In The Stock Markets

Leaders in the stock markets

No industrial giant today concentrates its activities exclusively in one particular industry, but diversifies the field of its operations. Unilever, for instance, began as Lever Brothers in 1894, purely as soap manufacturers, yet today has a range of interests covering foodstuffs of every description (Bachelors, Mac-Fisheries, Walls and Birds Eye), animal feeding stuffs, margarine and other edible fats, toilet preparations, soap, detergents, chemicals and paper. It owns interests in about 200 operating companies including controlling interest in companies in Africa, Australia, North Borneo, Canada, Ceylon, India, Indonesia, Malaya, Newfoundland, Pakistan, and Trinidad, in addition to the British Isles.

For the sake of clarity and despite this diversification, it is proposed to group the leading representatives under their main industry, and to include with each one an indication of its other activities. As the purpose of such a classified table is to help you to decide your selections, it is the main industry which must be our chief concern, since it is this which provides the company with the bulk of its earnings. The following table shows the leading representatives of industries and the par value of the share or stock unit:


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