More Stock Market Leaders

More Stock Market Leaders

More Stock Market Leaders

Associated Portland Cement Ltd: Cement manufacturer. Over 26 subsidiaries in U.K Interests in cement works in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Nigeria, Malaya, Kenya, Southern Rhodesia, and Mexico.

Wimpey (George) Li: Building, civil, mechanical and electrical engineering contractor. Estate development. Owns seven companies and is associated with three including British Oxygen.

PropertyCity Centre Property 5s: Property investment, owning properties in all parts of U.K. 18 subsidiaries and large interest in New York. Land Securities Property investment Owns properties and land in London and the provinces.

City of London Real Property Lit Property investment and development. Owns some 140 properties (mainly office buildings, shops and flats) in London and the provinces.


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International Publishing Corporation:: The world's largest publishing organisation con-trolling over 200 newspapers, magazines and periodicals including the Daily Mirror. Dominant place in women's magazine market and trade journal field. Website and directory publishers.