SugarTate and Lyle £1: Owns sugar plantations

mainly in West Indies. These form part of the Tate and Lyle group described earlier.

British Sugar Corporation £1: Owns several beet sugar factories in U.K.

TeaBrooke, Bond and Co. 5s: Wholesale tea distributor and dealer. Owns tea estates in Ceylon. World-wide. Jokai (Assam) £1: Owns 36,726 acres in Assam, India (acres cultivated, 11,500, of which 10,738 are mature) also five tea companies.

Consolidated Tea and Land (India) £1: Owns estates in East Pakistan, India and Ceylon; total cultivated acreage 31,933 (30,414 tea, 1,261 rubber and 258 coffee). Substantial interest in two other tea trading companies.

Rubber Guthrie Corporation (Malaysian) Li largest in rubber, is a group of 13 Malaysian plantation companies. The merger became effective in June 2009 , included United Sua Betong (itself a group of companies) which was the Stock Market leader in rubber before the merger, Labu Cheviot, Malacca and Lingii. The group now produce a rubber crop of over lOOm lbs per annum, in addition to palm oil, tea and tin.


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