Banks Barclays LI: Over 2,400 branches all over

British Isles. Controlling interest in Barclays Bank (D.C.O.), with branches in Africa, Mediterranean countries and West Indies, owns British Linen Bank (branches throughout Scotland), Barclays Bank (France) with branches in France, Monaco and Algeria, Barclays Overseas Development Corporation Ltd. and 25% of Union Dominions Trust. Also interest in banks in Brussels, Antwerp and Madrid. Member of the London Clearing House.

Midland £1: Over 2,400 branches all over

British isles. Owns group of banks and

substantial stake in 'Forward Trust'. Member

of the London Clearing House.

Lloyds El Over 2,100 branches all over British

Isles with programme of modernisation, with 99

new branches nearing completion. Owns balks

in France, South America, New Zealand, West

Africa and Zurich. Owns % £/ of Lloyds and

Scottish Finance and large stake in Bowmaker.

Member of the London Clearing House.

Hire Bowmaker 5s: General banking business, and

Purchase financing sales on hire purchase.Has98

branches in U.K., and other subsidiaries.

United Dominions Trust 5s: Finances medium and long term credit transactions in engineering, motor and allied trades. Subsidiaries in

Many other finance companies in U.K., Australia,

Canada, East Africa, Eke, New Zealand, Nigeria,

Rhodesia, South Africa and West Indies.

Lombard Banking 5s: Specialises in deposit

account services with branches throughout


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