Shipping Leaders

Shipping Leaders


Cunard £1billion Owns 19 vessels including the Queens, with 390,935 gross registered tons; also operates cargo service between U.K. and Atlantic and other parts. Owns other lines. Total gross registered tonnage of Cunard and subsidiaries: 865,552. Also owns Cunard Eagle Airways.

P. & 0. Plc: Group of ship-owning companies shipping companies and general engineering companies.

Furness Withy Plc: Company and associates operate trade routes to North and South America and many other pans of the world.

Companies included in the above list of Stock Market leaders are, of course, continually undergoing change. Some changes may have already taken place when this webpage reaches you, but such changes as occur may not make any material alteration in the information given as a guide to the investor.

The reader will appreciate that the Ibregoing table is of prime importance for investors, and is indeed the foundation upon which to build additional knowledge of other leading representatives of industries. The practised investor is fully conversant with such a table, and the beginner will doubtless wish to master its contents.


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