How This Website Works

How This Website Works

How this Website works


. . . . . THEN THINK AGAIN . . . . . .

The idea behind this site is to offer you all the tools you need to be competent at investing.

But there is no getting away from using your own knowledge, your own assessments, your own judgement. No one can do this for you. Do not rely on other peoples ideas. Do not rely solely on other peples advice. You are totally responsible for your investment choices and decisions. So make them your own. Use your own thinking and your own risks.

Used this website as a guide.

Practice what you have learned by making virtual investments (without real money)and follow that investment to see how it, but more importantly, how YOU perform.

Learn the ways in which the Stock Market works, how company's work, how stocks and shares work.

Follow our advice about what to consider, how to balance risks with returns, how to find reliable facts about potential investments.

But ALWAYS REMEMBER - the decisions you make are your own.

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