The Purpose of Investment

The Purpose of Investment

The purpose of investment

The spirit of investment is the spirit of discovery and adventure. What am I to do with my life? That question can be answered, in practice, by playing for safety, by following the humdrum and well-worn grooves of routine employments to their foreseen and ossified end in respectable and pensioned retirement. 'Born a man and died a mummy.' or the answer may be in terms of bold striking out on an independent trail, which does not merely wait upon opportunities but actively creates them.

What applies to our plans and purposes in life as a whole applies no less to the uses to which we put our money. We can stick to a 'stay-at-home' safety-first policy, taking no risks, in-vesting our all in fixed-income securities, and in the end paying for our uninspired and largely illusory surety through the ravages of inflation. or we can launch out on the high seas of equity investment, trusting in skill and good seamanship to bring us to prosperous shores. -

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