The Rules of Investment

The Rules of Investment

The Rules of Investment

The purpose and collateral results of the pursuit of investment can now be analysed into the following eight sub-heads:

1. Capital APPRECIATION. The growth of your original invested outlay Through the increase over the years in the value of your holdings.

2. INCOME. The interest or dividends on your investment. These are the two fundamental purposes of investment, and will be dealt with in greater detail subsequently.

3. Increasing knowledge of investment, and of current trends in economic and political affairs, opens up further opportunities in business and wider general prospects.

4. EXPERIENCE These arise from the habit of making responsible decisions in investigating, buying and selling securities, and will be of great advantage in giving you the confidence to cope adequately with important matters in other spheres.

5. SATISFACTION from having your capital employed use-fully and productively, and beneficially for others, in the knowledge that in so doing you are contributing materially to your country's prosperity.

6. As a shareholder, you are a part owner of the respective companies, with the accompanying pride which this status affords in 'our products'. Further, the directors of the company serve you, the shareholders, report annually, invite you to the general meetings, where you may ask questions about their conduct of your business, and can vote them in or out of office.

7. success in investment, and a new and exciting daily interest.

8. CONTINUING INTEREST which suffers no abatement even in retirement. In the sphere of investment there is no age limit beyond which your ability to be productive declines or ceases. Retirement, far from becoming a time of contracted activities and reduced income, may afford even greater opportunities through the increase in your capital

and experience. There is also the added leisure which will ensure that you can give more attention to investment without the interruption of other distracting cares. There are instances where, after retirement, investors have made fortunes far greater than in the whole of their previous lives. -

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