Threefold Strategy of Investment

Threefold Strategy of Investment

Threefold strategy of investment

The modem investor, having determined to forsake the still waters of fixed interest securities, must first plan the voyage ahead. The strategy in brief is:

1. A well-planned overall investment policy.

2. The fullest possible acquaintance with all the facts about each security he is interested in as an investment possibility, and their relative importance, as a basis for sound judgment.

3. Awareness of the factors influencing share prices on the market, which will serve as indicators in buying or selling.

Before, however, you your investment policy, or begin your investigation of any security, or take any action, you must clarify in your mind the object of the whole enterprise.

The ultimate purpose of investment is to improve your financial position and so to achieve a large measure of independence. This pursuit will also bring with it economic and political perceptiveness, which in turn will result in further monetary rewards. In addition it will have the beneficial effect of employing your capital in producing goods, rendering services and above all in providing work for others a patriotic and worthy consummation. There will also be the experience of making responsible decisions and developing your skill in financial matters. Your interest and activities can be fully maintained in the years of retirement. -

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