UK Sources of Information

UK Sources of Information



The chief value of the Press is that it constitutes the main source of up-to-date information. It publishes:

Closing and 'high' and 'low' prices; dividends, cover and yields. These are in comprehensive lists with all the important stocks (or shares) grouped under the appropriate headings, with the year's high and low prices of each stock together with dividend percentage or actual amount, times covered and gross yield per cent at the current price.

Special editorials and feature articles of value to investors. Company news and comments and events such as takeover bids, mergers, changes in management, etc.

Market newcomers.

Reports and results of individual companies.

Profit and dividend announcements.

Analysis, where annual accounts are examined and discussed.

Reviews and surveys of whole industries.

Special sections for new issues, commodity prices, foreign exchange market prices, statistics and indices.


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