Brewing Industry: The Leaders

Brewing Industry: The Leaders

BREWING INDUSTRY: Beers, Spirits and Wines

Leading representatives from which your selection should be made


Allied Breweries (Ind Cooper-Tetley-Ansell) 5s. I.C. (i.e. Issued Capital) £56m. Eleven breweries (2 lager), 95 hotels and 9,400 licensed properties. Popular brands: Double Diamond, Skol, Long Life, Tetley's and Ansell's mild and bitter. Interests in wine. Nation-wide.

Bass, Mitchells and Butlers 5s. I.C. £35m. Bass and Worthington. Spirits and catering activities. Nation-wide, mainly Midlands and South.

Charrington United 5s. I.C. 03m. In addition to its brew-eries, competes in whisky and has export potential. Recent rapid expansion by acquiring a number of subsidiaries. Mainly London, Lancashire and Yorkshire.

Scottish and Newcastle Breweries Cl. I.C. 00m. Pour breweries and 1,750 licensed properties. Increasing export activities in U.S.A.

Courage, Barclay and Simonds los. J.C. C29m. Bight breweries. Nationwide.

Watney Mann 5s. I.C. £35m. Ten breweries, 8,217 hotels and licensed properties, including motels. Nationwide.


Distillers lOs. I.C. C153m. Dominates markets for whisky (John Haig, Johnny Walker, Black and White, White Horse, Dewars, King George 4th and Vat 69), and Gin (Gordon's and Booths'). Yeast and allied food products, chemicals and plastics. Half the Scotch in the world is sold by Distillers and over C45m p.a. to U.S.A.

Teacher Distillers lOs. I.C. 0m. Whisky distillers. Turnover and exports increasing.

International Distillers and Vintners 5s. Lu CI-6m. Wholesale and retail spirit and wine merchants home and abroad. Whisky distillers and blenders. Owns Gilbey's.


Showerings-V.P.-Whlteways 5s. I.C. 5'9m. Whiteways and Gaymer ciders, champagne Perry (Babycham), Duval wines, food products. Distributors.

Sandeman (Geo. 0.) and Son los. I.C. £17m. Exporters of port from Portugal and sherry from Spain. Whisky blenders. Subsidiaries in U.K., Portugal, Spain, France and Belgium.


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