Capital Goods Manufacturers

Capital Goods Manufacturers

Capital Goods Manufacturers

Engineering, heavy electricals, machine tools and commercial motors- 6%

Building, including brick, cement, and road making and timber- 4%

Aircraft - 3%

Shipbuilding should be left to experienced investors.

Leading representatives

Engineering and Allied Trades: Guest, Keen and Nettlefolds, Tube Investments, Vickers.

Heavy Electricals: Associated Electrical Industries, General Electric.

Machine Tools: Herbert (Alfred).

Commercial Motors: Leyland Motors.

Building and Allied Trades: Associated Portland Cement, London Brick, Wimpey (George).

Aircraft: Hawker Siddeley, Bristol, Rolls-Royce. Shipbuilding: Swan Hunter and Wigham Richardson.

All the above have been detailed under 'Leaders in the Stock Market'.


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