More Consumer Goods

More Consumer Goods

More Consumer Goods

Now we have soft drinks, whose leaders are Beecham and Schweppes, and tobacco, with Imperial Tobacco (G.B. and I.) and Gallaher. Then come drugs, with Boots and Glaxo.

Under consumer goods (durables) the most important are the stores, whose leaders are Woolworth, Marks and Spencer, Great Universal Stores, Rouse of Fraser, Debenhams, United Drapery and British Home Stores.

As our contemporary life is so largely dominated by the motor car, we must not overtook the section of motors and components, whose leaders are B.M.C., Dunlop Rubber, Lucas (Joseph), ibliowed perhaps by Routes, Rover and Jaguar.

Finally electricals, with Plessey and E.M.I.

Included in the 35% of your portfolio devoted to consumer goods should be the brewing and distilling industry. This important section of the consumer goods will now be selected for a special survey.


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