Conclusion of Shares In Insurance

Conclusion of Shares In Insurance

Conclusion of shares in insurance

The attractiveness of the investment income of insurance companies would alone justify a stake in insurance. The life section has always remained profitable, whilst the losses sustained in the fire and accident departments have been offset in many cases by compensatory measures.

The percentage of your portfolio recommended for insurance is about 5%. The selection of companies to invest in should be determined by the size of their investment income and their premium income. All large companies have a composite business, Life, Fire, Accident, Marine, Home and overseas, and in making your selection, another factor will be the comparative size of the Life section, your choice going to that which has the largest

Leading representatives of insurance are (in alphabetical order) Commercial Union, Eagle Star, General Accident, Guardian, Legal and General, London, Pearl, Prudential, Royal and Royal Exchange. Details of three of these were given in 'Leaders in the Stock Market'.


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