The Chemical Industry Leaders

The Chemical Industry Leaders

THE CHEMICAL INDUSTRY Leading representatives from which your selection should be made:

Imperial Chemical Industries £1, issued capital £453m: Chemicals, textiles, plastics, metals, fertilisers, explosives. Total sales for 2003 £24m, profits £849m. Home sales approximately 52% of total, overseas sales 48% (18% exports from U.K. and 30% from production overseas).

Albright and Wilson, i.e. £17m: Numerous inorganic products from phosphate rock for metal finishing, detergents, baking powder, bread improving, water softening, and oil additives (organic phosphates).

Laporte Industries lOs, i.c. £16m: Peroxides for bleaching, titanium for paints and paper pigmentation, also textile chemicals. Expanding overseas. These three companies have already been covered under 'Leaders in the Stock Market'.

Fisons Q, i.e. £19m: Fertilizers, pesticides, industrial chemicals, pharmaceuticals. Expanding.

Associated Chemical Companies 5s, i.e. £31n: Chrome and sulphur products, dyestuffs, paints, food and fruit preser-vers. Also agricultural chemicals, fertilisers and animal feeding stuffs.

Turner and Newall Z1, i.e. £65m. The giant asbestos-plasticsglass textile concern (already detailed) should also be considered.

Having given a general survey of the basic industries as a whole, with a more detailed account of oil and chemicals, and having considered the leading representatives of each, it is now necessary to decide the proportion of each basic industry for your portfolio, out of a total of 25% for basics.

It will be readily understood that only a sizeabie total investment capital (L5,000 or over), will enable the investor to cover all five basic industries, giving 25% for basics or a minimum of £1,250.

Having regard to all the factors included in our survey, a judicious allocation of your 25 £A in basics would be as follows: oil 7%, chemicals 6%, textiles 5%, paper 4% and steel 3%.


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